The story guidelines are the unspoken rules that Grace follows when writing stories. Unlike the (Arbitrary) Rules of Exa Reviva, these are actually rules that are good to follow.

Only Grace has to follow these. If you have a story that doesn't follow these rules, she will not hate it or try to make you change it (the "you" refers to Grace in these rules).

General RulesEdit

  • Motivation is a key thing to everything. When it comes to "why", there is always motivation. It should be behind almost everything.
  • No matter how happy you want your sweet li'l baby to be, you mustn't make them or others act out of character just to make them feel better.
  • Grace's main story setup is usually that characters are in bad condition (sad, lonely, sick, homeless, etc), but then things go all happy and good. Unhappy endings are sin.


  • Your character should abide by any world rules, and preferably, also setting rules. (Grace thinks most rebel characters are trash, even her own.)
    • If your character DOES break setting rules, they will be punished. No whining or changing rules is allowed.
  • Please refrain from reusing characters (either yours or other ones). The last thing you want is for one of your characters to pull a C.A. Cupid.
    • The only exception to this is A.U.s, because those are fun.
  • You REALLY should change any characters identified by the other writers as a Mary Sue.
    • The only exception to this is if your character is designed to be Mary Sue for whatever reason.
  • Your character can not be extremely similar to another character (either yours or other ones), because you might as well just use the pre-existing character.
  • Your character should have a determined sex (or lack thereof) and gender, because characters with "mystery" genders are garbage fire (and it distracts from their actual character).
  • Your character should have a determined skin tone, hair color, and eye color, even if they are wearing hair dye, tanner, or color contacts, unless there is some story reason why this is kept secret.
  • Your character's physical traits should make sense for their age, gender, species, etc.
    • If your character has an exaggerated trait (really big boobs, ankle-length hair, etc.), there should be ways they have to deal with it.
  • If your character has mental problems, they should be treated by other characters accordingly (this includes yandere characters).
  • Make your character's name pronouncable.
  • Your character really shouldn't be terminal or suffering from a fatal injury, because that would be depressing.
  • Grace does not allow sexual concepts in her stories.