C.A. Cupid is a character created by the doll company Mattel. Her name is part of the derogatory term, "pull a C.A. Cupid".

What does "pull a C.A. Cupid" mean? Edit

To "pull a C.A. Cupid" means to take a character who was originally made for, and is still in, a story, and putting them in another story. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The writer really likes the character.
  • The writer is too lazy to create a new character.
  • The writer wants or needs a character of that archetype in their story, so just uses the character instead.
  • The writer wants to make more money off of the character because they know the character is popular.

Pulling a C.A. Cupid is NOT:

  • When characters are used for crossovers.
  • When characters are specifically made to be put in multiple stories, such as a roleplay character.
  • When the new story the character is going to is a direct sequal or prequal to their story.
  • When characters are put in A.U.s.

Why is "pull a C.A. Cupid" a thing? Edit

C.A. Cupid was a character for the Monster High series, a series by Mattel revolving around the idea of the daughters and sons of famous monsters going to the same high school. As her name suggests, she is the daughter of Cupid. She stated herself that since her father helped humans find love, she would only help monsters find love.

However, with the release of Ever After High, a series by Mattel revolving around the idea of the daughters and sons of famous fairy tale characters going to the same high school, C.A. Cupid was put into the story. Despite the character saying before that she "only works for monsters", Mattel put her into Ever After High, claiming that she "realized the human world needed her help, too".

This made many fans of C.A. Cupid, specifically Grace, very angry at Mattel. Thus, she made the term "pull a C.A. Cupid" to describe instances like this.